Our Network

Our sponsors include organisations which have both a Welsh presence and an interest in Wales.

We liaise closely with the National Assembly for Wales as well as with the major political parties in Wales.

We have a long relationship with the Institute of Welsh Affairs and linkages with many of the major academic institutions in Wales.

We also maintain close links with The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion and the London Welsh Centre.

We are 'Wales in London' join us ...


We have 4 membership levels:
  • Member (Free)
  • Patron - Bronze (£100)
  • Patron - Silver (£175)
  • Patron - Gold (£250)

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 As a members’ organisation we are dependent on our members both corporate and individual to provide us with support both to maintain and to build our activities.

We price events to cover costs so we rely on other support to assist with the day to day running of the organisation.  Our target, to cover those costs, is c £20,000 per annum which allows us to maintain our activities and over time, to increase the scope of those activities.

Your support is both necessary and appreciated. For more information on corporate sponsorship either for Wales in London or for specific events contact walesinlondon@gmail.com

Wales in London: A ‘small clever country’ and a global city – we build the links

Who we are

We’re like the M4 – but better.  We link Wales and London too.  But, we’re a business and social network, supporting people with an interest in Wales to address economic, political, social, business, financial, cultural, and sporting issues.  In short, we promote Wales in Europe’s business capital. 

We host a wide variety of events for members and guests, from formal dinners to social events. And because we work to encourage the flow of ideas, linkages and business between Wales and London, you can usually find decision-makers at our events. 
 We began as a merger of groups focussed on media and policy. But that was
then, in the early 90s.  Now, nearly 20 years on, we pack a much bigger punch. Members come from many fields, among them law, accountancy, banking, business, government & politics, the media, arts, and the third sector.  Separately, they have a lot of clout and expertise.  Together, as Wales in London, our members have much more .

Our President-patrons are the First Minister for the National Assembly for Wales (Carwyn Jones, pictured top left), and the Secretary of State for Wales   We’re London based and our Chair – Huw Hampson-Jones  – has a committed board to back him.

What we do

We’re mainly active in London and we organise everything from an early evening debate on inward investment to a briefing by the US Embassy on the Welsh impact in US politics to a series of political roundtables with the four main parties. As a counterpoint, we also host cultural and purely social events

So: we support and enhance the link between Wales and London. We aim to:

•    Be a meeting place in London for people in business, commerce, the arts, media, sports and the professions who value links with Wales.
•    Provide a forum in which members, their friends and partners can contribute to the debate on public issues affecting Wales.
•    Offer a network in London that supports Welsh interests and causes.
•    Act as a link for people and organisations needing advice, opportunities and access to contacts.
•    Tell people about issues facing Wales in an economic and social context.
•    Promote Wales and the interests of Welsh exiles in London.

How we can help

We add value in three main ways:

Through our membership

•    Many of our members are highly experienced, offering perspectives and advice based on an understanding of Wales, London and the international arena. This is vital if you have specific requirements.
•    We also act as a forum for building potentially useful relationships and networking. Through Wales in London the chance is there to meet and connect with people from a range of fields.

Through our website

•    We update our site – www.walesinlondon.com - frequently and it appears prominently in relevant Google searches.  Our membership also uses the site for news, information and to book events.  
•    The site had over 950000 “hits” in 2009 and significant user usage and is designed to host sponsor advertising.

Through our convening power

•    Politics: We can arrange informal topic-specific lunches and dinners. This way, members with special professional expertise and knowledge can meet with politicians and their advisors to discuss in-depth specific current affairs and subjects relevant to Wales and its future.
•    Business: As Wales increasingly asserts itself as a destination of quality, we play our part by promoting business opportunities in and for Wales. We also raise awareness of Welsh products and services to London. It has seen us working with Welsh government agencies and participating in various promotions, music and literary events, lectures and publications.
•    We want to hear from you!!

For further information, see our website, www.walesinlondon.com, or contact walesinlondon@gmail.com