Reaction Theatre Makers' "Honey"

Location : THE COCKPIT, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH
Start Date : Wed 18/07/2018 00:00
End Date : Fri 20/07/2018 00:00

A patchwork of life in the Welsh mountains, Honey is an intimate story that intricately weaves together the lives of a boy with autism who loves to dance, his mother, her tattoo artist sister, and those that want to love them. 

But Alice is not always an easy lady to love and as her sister says, "Is her husband in the Middle East detonating bombs, or is he in Cardiff down at the Four Bars trying to carve out a new life for himself?" 

This is not so much a story of those at war, but of the break down of community and those trying to find their own peace. 

Woven throughout is the beautiful back drop to this moving, charming and funny piece: A quilt stitched with hopes and dreams, pieced together throughout the performance as a present to root Alice's son to the earth, and a symbol of the strength of a community coming together. 

Three hives help us navigate through a world that she has created. A simplicity of staging allows transition between the outer hills and home, a place to drink and a place to talk.

As with all of their work RTM take a look at the changing landscape of people's minds and the environment.

Beautifully lit by inspirational lighting designer Ben Hughes and with an original folk musical score by Joanna Karselis you will taste the honey, feel the richness of the hills, the air and hear the music that fill this small land. The stunning, highly original choreography is by Lizie Gireaudeaux.

Whilst developed for an adult audience, Honey is also a rare opportunity for younger people to be introduced to modern theatre.

“There is a warm, golden glow about this show.” Chris Eldon Lee (BBC Radio) 
"A small tale, beautifully performed and lyrically told, with a big message." Hereford Times 

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